about me

It's an older spelling of Diane, if you were wondering how it's pronounced. Right now, I'm working in data architecture and backend development for Beacon Biosignals' EEG analysis platform, wrangling a mix of PostgreSQL, Snowflake, GraphQL (with Postgraphile), Kubernetes, and TypeScript.

I also develop software and consult on data modeling and Postgres implementation as Applied Poietics, LLC.

Otherwise and previously:

  • MassiveJS - a moderately popular open source data mapper for NodeJS and PostgreSQL, and monstrous, its successor
  • staff engineer at Understory Weather, where I owned weather station logistics and traceability, maintained big data infrastructure and pipelines, and collaborated with hardware, field, and data science teams
  • data architecture, API development, and process for accessibility testing & compliance software at Deque Systems
  • web and database development, plus a stint as team lead, at what's now GTB
  • and more!