about me

It's an older spelling of the much-more-common form Diane, if you were wondering. As of right now, I'm a staff engineer with Understory Weather, focusing on our infrastructure and data pipeline (Cassandra! Postgres! Spark! Kafka! SaltStack!) and developing software to address the logistics and traceability concerns pertaining to networks of weather stations.

In my spare time I maintain MassiveJS, a data mapper for Node.js and PostgreSQL, and occasionally other projects. Sometimes I give talks or volunteer at workshops. Outside the professional sphere, I read a lot, especially in the fin de siècle Decadents, critical theory, horror, and occultism; I like my prose purple, my ennui crushing, and my structuralism post-. The work that's had the most impact on my thinking is 1000 Plateaus by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. I am terrible at roguelikes.